RACK IT 400KG 3 WIRE SHELF KIT 1893X1831X530mm

3 Wire Shelf Kit 1893X1831X530mm

The Rack It 400KG 3 Wire Shelf Kit is the ideal starting point for building your Rack It system. Manufactured from black powder coated steel, this kit features 1831mm Uprights and 1841mm Beams.

The 3 adjustable Wire Shelves are tested to hold up to 400kg each and provide 1800x500mm of useable shelf space. Perfect for heavy paint cans, tools, work equipment and accessories, tubs, cartons and more.

Rack It 400KG is a modular system making it easy to extend your system to fit your evolving storage needs. Use your Double Slotted Uprights to add additional shelving or upgrade your system with a range of Rack It 400KG Accessories.

This Starter Kit includes: 2 x 1831mm Uprights, 6 x 1841mm Beams, 6 x 897x597mm Wire Shelves, 12 x Shelf Support Braces and 12 x Safety Pins.

For greater load-bearing storage, see our Rack It 1000KG range.

  • Rated to hold up to 400kg per shelf when evenly distributed
  • Easy to assemble – only a rubber mallet is required
  • Versatile modular system makes it easy to expand and customise
  • Safe and secure – Safety Pins prevent beams from lifting
  • The starting point for building your Rack It 400KG system

Available at Bunnings: I/N 176968


1893W x1831H x 530D mm


THIS PRODUCT SHOULD BE ANCHORED TO THE GROUND OR WALL TO AVOID SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. To help avoid any serious injury or death, this product has been fitted with a ground mounting bracket to prevent toppling. We strongly recommend that this product be permanently fixed to the ground or wall. Fixing devices are not included since different surface materials require different attachments. Please seek professional advice if you are in doubt as to which fixing device to use. Regularly check your fixing device.